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Comics 101 Archives

Comics 101 for 03/11/2004
Comic Book Illustration Summer Course at CCAD

This summer, I'll again be teaching the Comic Book Illustration Course in Columbus, Ohio for the Columbus College of Art and Design. The following information is an overview of what the class is about and at the end of this article there's information on contacting CCAD to sign up for the class.
The Comic Book Illustration Course is a class that contains principles and concepts that can be applied to comic-book drawing, cartooning, animation, and pictorial illustration.

This course helps students understand the freelance professional illustration field, particularly the pencil drawing stage of the comic book industry, and how to apply their talents in an effective and competitive manner.

The student should be able to have success in their employment endeavors by putting what they’ve learned and understood to practical use. The goal is not simply making a lot of nice drawings but to understand that if those who have the desire and passion to really excel professionally in comics or other illustration fields, it takes a combination of elements. These elements include a positive and confident attitude, timeliness, sharp presentations, research information, and communication skills.

At the conclusion of this course the student should be able to...
1. Tell a dramatic story visually (via mood, expression, and character).
2. Master perspective drawing and figure drawing in a rather cinematic approach.
3. Turn good ideas into great illustrations and take the next step in their career development with confidence.
Materials needed for this class are...

An Ad Art pad, a range of H to 2B pencils, mechanical pencil, non-photo blue pencils, plastic and kneaded erasers, india ink, crow quill pen nibs (#101,#102, and extra fine bowl point tips) and pen nib holders, a good range of Windsor Newton brushes (series 00 and up) for inking purposes, Pro White (acrylics artist opaque white-out), two to three values of gray markers for layouts, black markers, masking tape, ruler (at least 18 inches), sketch book, 11 x 17 Bristol board plate or vellum finish (Blue Line Pro Strathmore comic book board available in the CCAD supply store) and specified photographic reference.

Recommended reading and books for this course are...

Understanding Comics by Scott McCloud
Dynamic Figure Drawing, Dynamic Anatomy, Dynamic Light and Shade, Dynamic Wrinkles and Drapery, all books by Burne Hogarth
Constructive Anatomy by George B. Bridgman
The Art of Comic Book Inking by Gary Martin with Steve Rude
How To Draw Comics the Marvel Way by Stan Lee and John Buscema
Perspective Drawing Workbook (available from CCAD supply store)

Students are graded on their layouts, final comic book page illustrations, in-class work, class preparation, and attendance.
For those of you interested in signing up for the class this summer, the course number, credit, and course description from the CCAD Registrar are as follows...

IL313 Comic-Book Illustration * 1.5 Cr.
An introduction to contemporary comic-book art, emphasizing the drawing phase of the creative comic-book process. Projects are designed to develop skills and knowledge in the use of dynamic perspective, anatomy, and composition for storytelling. Prerequisites: IL201 Lecture and IL202 Lecture

The Summer term for this class starts June 14th and ends August 6th.

For those of you interested in signing up for the Comic Book Illustration class this Summer or for the Fall semester and attending CCAD for other classes, you can contact the CCAD Admissions Department. They will also be able to help you with more information about...

  • the BFA program
  • to request a viewbook / catalog
  • arranging college visitation appointments
  • meeting the admissions counselor

    CCAD Admissions Department
    614.222.3261 tel
    614.232.8344 fax

    Columbus College of Art & Design
    614.224.9101 tel
    614.222.4040 fax
    107 North Ninth Street
    Columbus, Ohio 43215

    Check out the official CCAD website for more information about the school.

    And feel free to also email me should you have any specific questions about the Comic Book Illustration Course or CCAD.

    See you next week for a new Comics 101 feature!

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